Pink Musk Perfume Collection

Pink Musk Collection contains the following fragrances:

1-Musk Pink Perfume - 50 ml:
The Master of Elegant Fragrances A gleaming formula spreads its refreshing odors beginning from red berries until they smoothly indulge with floral scents of violet, compelling an oriental touch from musk and oud oil. A daily perfume emits refreshing scents to give you a vibrant experience.
2- Musk Al-Majid Perfume - 50 ml:
An aura of sophistication and stillness The fragrance brings a mixture of mysterious musk that adds an aura of sophistication and tranquility to your persona. The blend adds an attractive and calm aroma that reflects the beauty of your presence. Enjoy the relaxing fumes of musk with fragrant oil, increasing the stability that scents your place with its beauty for a longer time. The bottle expresses your love for your loved ones and makes it a perfect curated gift for anyone.
3- Musk Soft Perfume - 50 ml:
The Classic Tale of Musk The aromatic definition of confidence and tranquility, this scented oil permeates the richness of the musk, coupled with the gentle, naturalness of the oil. Throughout the day, it inspires tranquility and composure with a hint of allure – a perfect companion to your daily perfumes. A delicate aromatic base that blends perfectly with all other fragrances to create a custom irresistible fragrance.
4- Musk Al-Oud Perfume - 50 ml:
The Eastern Oud The fragrance extracts the warmth of authentic oud and musk that harmonizes with your luxurious incense and elevates your daily look, It adds patchouli and vetiver to the sublime with the delicacy of floral and fruity scents. The rare combination makes it your preferred choice for every moment worth celebrating.
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Fragrance Origin French
SizePack of 4 pcs
Scent FamilyFloral
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1- Spray the perfume on clean, dry skin.
2- This perfume is for virtual use.
3- The targeted areas on the body are the warm areas and pulse points.