Procedures for receiving and handling complaints and inquiries:

> Your data provided below will be received after submitting the form and the customer will be notified of receiving the message via e-mail.

> It will be processed within a maximum period of three days. Please note that refund requests for cards may take 10 to 14 work days according to the bank's policy.

> You will be re-communicated in case of need through the means of communication mentioned below via call, text messages, instant messaging applications, or e-mail.

> The complaint is closed after it has been processed and an email is sent to notify the customer.

Only jpg,jpeg,png and pdf files with maximum size of 20 MB is allowed.

For communication regarding unlawful and fraudulent practices that harm the interests of the company, such as non-compliance with work regulations, misuse of authority, unethical conduct, conflicts of interest, disclosure of company secrets, and legal violations in general, you can directly contact us via the following email. Please provide supporting documents and evidence with your message: [email protected]