Deluxe gift box

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A selection of the best-selling and luxurious AlMajed Oud products

Suitable for formal and elegant gifting


The box contains:

1-Dehn Muhkallat cambodi

Oud with roses


2- Dehn Oud No.6

Its scent blooms with luxurious sensations.


3-Oud Arien No.45 - 28 Gm

Aren Oud It is extracted from the island of Aren in the state of Indonesia, where the oud is carefully selected For personal and home fumigation


4-Prestige Ruby Perfume - 100 Ml

A unique, harmonious blend of amber and fresh, long-lasting notes of orange blossom


5-Abaq Perfume - 75 Ml

A Velvety Sensation of Enchanting Aromas The fragrance is the finest collection of carefully selected woody fragrances, which is elevated by the freshness of Bergamot that smoothly blends with the purity of musk. The mixture of natural scents entices the senses to grant you a casual perfume that suits your elegance every day.


6-Dakhoun Raqi - 50 Gm

Fine oud powder delicately damask rose, sage, and saffron with a base that crowns elegance with sandalwood and musk to fill the place with a modern classic fragrance for everyone who loves fine scents




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