Dakhoun Al-Shiyoukh - 56 Gram

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Perfect Oud and eastern mixture with the addition of french perfume
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Type of oudDakhoun
Fragrance Origin French Oriental
Size56 gm
Scent FamilyOriental
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1. Ensure that the piece of coal is glowing and fully lit.
2. After you safely place the charcoal on the incense burner, place a piece of agarwood over the incandescent charcoal, the beautiful scent of agarwood will start to rise.
3. Traditionally, the hands are placed directly over the stove with the rising smoke, where you can see the melting of the gum substance of the agarwood, which is considered the most valuable component of agarwood.
4. Continue to scent your clothes and the inside of your clothes with scented incense smoke. You can also perfume the corners of your home by walking with the stove and letting the scented smoke fill the entire house.

Dakhoun Al-Shiyoukh - 56 Gram