about almajed
About almajed

At the beginning of the oud trade in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Ali bin Othman Al-Majd took the pioneering step in this field, which was flowing from his spirit and personality passionately presented a special approach that is unique to this trade, and left a distinguishing mark for those who followed him to develop and expand his approach today. Al-Majed Aloes Oud Company is one of the most important pioneering companies in the perfume industry in the region.

Al-Majed Oud Company was established in 1956 to establish a promising market in the field of oud trade through the wholesale sector to culminate more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture of oud and perfumes and their preparations across the Gulf market, by creating and creating new aromatic lines that have contributed to expanding the customer base and expanding the base of customers. 300 sales platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Country of Kuwait, and the Country of UAE, and the Country of Bahrain, and the Country of Oman, and the Country of Qatar


Al-Majed For Oud Company aspires to be a beacon for the oud and perfumes industry in the Middle East and the world through the development and creation of distinguished and ancient products that express their originality and suit the tastes of its customers.



Our responsibility commits us to set high standards in accordance with international industry standards, to produce the best and finest types of perfumes and their preparations, and to import the finest types of ouds to gain the customer's confidence and satisfaction, and to meet and in pursuit of his aspirations.

The relationship is based on honesty and trust between the supplier and the customer These are the values on which our company, Al-Majed For Oud, is based.


  • The first destination for lovers of oud and perfumes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Leading the perfume industry and the oud trade in the Middle East and the world, to become one of the most important pillars of shaping the cultural heritage to get to know the Saudi heritage.
  • Enhancing our position in the perfumery industry through strategic partnerships and alliances at the international level to ensure the achievement of our goals.
  • We invested in the area of social responsibility and built partnerships with charities and government sectors to develop the aspect of social responsibility.
  • Keeping pace with the national transformation program of Vision 2030 by localizing national industries and supporting local content.
  • Enhancing the presence of our online stores around the world, to keep pace with the growth in the e-commerce market.
Administrative structure and capacity support

We have worked hard to build a team of local and international experts to keep pace with the rapidly changing global market, and its administrative structure, through a strategy of attracting distinguished expertise to ensure this high-end position.

Al-Majed For Oud is keen to provide a healthy, developed teamwork environment, which enhances the capabilities of its team and sharpens their talents and experiences. We have more than 1800 successful partners who are passionate about the manufacture and marketing of perfumes, each of whom contributes to the success and progress of the company and their exchange of trust and appreciation. Therefore, it has provided them with an advanced electronic administrative mechanism that organizes the workflow and helps them achieve the strategic goals of the company.

Factory of inspiration and Al Majed products

On an area of more than 5000 square meters, Al Majed Oud Factory works with the highest international quality specifications for the production and manufacture of perfume products and their preparations, with a production capacity of more than 50 thousand products per day.

At Al-Majed for Oud, nearly 1000 brands were invented and developed to make their products unique to the world of perfumes and to have a wide range that suits all the tastes of its customers, ranging from oriental and floral fragrances, fragrances, perfumes, home, and body care products, and scents. Oud types are from the best suppliers in the world.

The word of the chief executive officer

He and his brothers achieved great successes, all of whom adhered to their father's approach. Believe in people and carry on with his life. May God bless him and his career. Do not let those who trusted you on a road not long ago due to their tenacity to this day be among the largest in the oud market. It currently includes more than 300 branches in the regions of the KSA with an extension of its branches in Kuwait, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain. The company’s activity also expanded to the manufacture of combinations of oud and perfumes, which won the approval and admiration of a large segment of consumers.


Last Updated: 24/04/2024